My Friend who was a teddy bear


when we are born and come in this world we basically do not have any idea about the going ons in the world .as we grow up slowly children are absorbed in their own world and their imagination takes wings as we all grown ups know. we create stories about our toys and we play, those days that we pass playing are our golden days as we dont have to share in the troubles of our parents and most of the time we end up being the cause of those troubles and we soon realise that after we become parents our self.

If you are now a parent as well then the first thing parenthood teaches you is to be on your toes when it comes to the care of your child ,you tend to become more alert as well as anxious. this is the time that the toys play a part in helping you in taking care of your kids .One such toy is a called a teddy bear ,it is soft and cuddly ,and has shiny eyes ,this toy makes it easier to catch a toddler’s eye.but, i bet not many know about its origin .then let me share a link here about it:-,Mississippi%20on%20November%2014%2C%201902.

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the fastest production car in the world

the word “Koenigsegg”is today related to street legal race was not always well known.but, today the company has made its name known .it is a company that was founded in the year 1994 in sweden by christian von koenigsegg with the explicit aim of making “world-class”street legal race cars.the first in line street legal race car was the CC8S which was launched by the company in 2002.After which, it has come a long way to an extent of which the company can now boast of being able to produce the fastest production car in the world.

The Koenigsegg “Agera RS”which is reported to have a top speed of 284.5 mph which seems apt to justify its name which means”take action/act”.the “Agera RS” seems to have beaten the bugatti chiron record on a stretch of nevada highway by doing 277.9 mph compared to bugatti chiron 267.8 mph.Also, in terms of price we have been led to believe that the “Agera RS”has a price tag of $2.1 million and the “Chiron” seems to cost $2.7 million.It has been said that at present only 25 “Agera “have been made so far.So, for all those 1% club guys who can afford this beauty it becomes a must have if you like the thrill of driving and racing on the ground with wings.

koenigsegg video available on youtube