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(A story that does not seem to have an end in sight)

Ever since march ,the covid -19 story in india has seen a lot of twists and turns from full time lockdowns,to curfews, to quarantine zones for buildings and societies and huge areas as well, whether it is a state or a country,it has also led to formation of covid centre’s across the country.For the last 8-9 months this story has been ongoing and people seem to have become worn out with this type of life so much so that they have become somewhat complacent and easy going .The weather on the other hand has changed to winter in mumbai which has in turn contributed to the spread of covid-19 in the city.All these factors,are making it difficult for all our people to recover from this pandemic. the vaccines seems to be still in various stages of development and there is no clear deadline in sight for the production of these vaccines as it takes a lot of research and testing to make it safe for the people .In lieu , of all these circumstances it is important for us to not let our guard down and keep fighting to maintain our health and hygiene for ourselves as we can not depend on other people to do the same for us.(i have mentioned a link below this article which after clicking will take you to a sight which has various stuff that might help in our fight against covid-19)(P.S.:-I have to make it clear that “i get commissions for purchases made through the link mentioned below”)

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